Ferret Vaccinations

Vaccinations are a very important part of our wellness program and are key to helping our pets develop the antibodies necessary to ward off diseases that are often debilitating to them (e.g., Distemper) and in some cases deadly to us (e.g., Rabies).


Of all the animal diseases, rabies is probably the most feared. The rabies virus attacks the brain and is always fatal.  The disease can be transmitted to humans through the bite or scratch of an infected pet. Vaccination is the most effective means of control. Ferrets should be vaccinated after 12 weeks of age and given a booster within 12 months of the initial vaccine. All subsequent vaccines are due every 36 months

Ferret Distemper

This highly contagious viral disease affects the respiratory and nervous system and is often fatal. Primary vaccination should begin at 6 weeks of age and boosters given every 3 weeks until 16 weeks of age. Adult ferrets are vaccinated 12 months after the initial series.