Surgeries at Town & Country Veterinary Care

At Town & Country, all of our doctors are trained veterinary surgeons. Together with our trained technician and our modern, well-equipped surgery suite, we offer safe surgical procedures including general soft-tissue, orthopedic, and oral surgeries.

Because any surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia carries a level of risk, we take extra precautions to minimize these risks. Each patient gets a thorough pre-surgical physical examination and pre-anesthetic laboratory screening. This screening includes:

Surgeries at Town & Country Veterinary CareA Complete Blood Count (CBC)  - CBC ensures patients are not anemic (a common condition in young animals), that they have adequate platelets to stop bleeding, and they have no evidence of an underlying inflammatory process

Surgeries at Town & Country Veterinary CareA Biochemistry Panel (Chem6) - This bloodwork helps to determine if our patients are metabolically suitable for surgery as well as evaluating their kidney function and liver health. The kidneys and liver must function normally for our patients to properly recover from some of our anesthetic agents.

Surgeries at Town & Country Veterinary CareA Coagulation Profile (Coag) - This test is to ensure proper blood clotting function.

Surgeries at Town & Country Veterinary CareElectrocardiogram (ECG) - We do an ECG to detect electrical abnormalities in the heart.

Our surgical patients get an intravenous (IV) catheter to provide easy venous access for anesthesia induction, IV fluids for circulatory system support during anesthesia, and emergency drug administration should a complication arise.

Our patients are monitored closely throughout anesthesia using a variety of monitoring equipment (e.g., pulse oxymetry, ECG, blood pressure) and dedicated, hands-on staff. Our surgical patients are administered preoperative and postoperative pain control medications as appropriate. The surgeries are performed in our modern surgery room. All of these steps help ensure you pet has a safe surgery with minimum risk and pain.

When the pet's health allows, we ask that our Bandera Rd. surgical patients be admitted the night before their procedure.  This allows pets to get settled and for us to prepare them for their surgery.  For our Northwest Clinic patients, please have them there before 9am.  It is important not to feed them after 10pm the night before their procedure.  Upon admission, your pet will be given a Capstar to help maintain flea control within our facility.

For elective surgeries, such as spays or neuters, we require surgical patients to be current on their vaccinations and parasite testing according to Town & Country protocols prior to being checked-in to our facilities.If you have not already done so, please be sure to provide our Service Coordinators with your pet's complete medical and vaccination history.

Surgeries at Town & Country Veterinary Care