Professional Grooming Services

For Healthy Pets, Inside & Out!

Grooming isn't just for "prissy pups!" It also aids your pet in good hygiene, encourages pets to be more comfortable when handled, and often boosts the pet's self-esteem. At Town & Country, we strive to support good health in your pet, inside & out! Our Grooming Services help to round out those efforts. The hands-on nature of grooming allows the groomer to be another set of eyes and ears, observing the condition of your pet


Although we tend to think of grooming our pets, as them just coming in for a "haircut," we know there's much more to it than that! Therefore, we schedule a Consultation Appointment with pet owners. During this brief consultation appointment the groomer will be able to assess each client's specific needs and situation, which allows for clearer understanding of your expectations and open discussion of your options. The pet will then be left for the "session."


Sherri has over 20 years’ experience as a groomer and grooming educator. Originally from Lansing, Michigan, Sherri has a true love of animals and being involved in her community. She was the founder of the "Capital Area Pug Group" in Michigan, was responsible for many pug events, and was active in raising money for local displaced animals in her area. Sherri also has many years’ experience showing Dobermans, Mini-pin's, Corgis and Bichons with the AKC.

Her decades of developed skills have taught her how to read animals' behaviors and handle them in a calm and confident manner. Her objective with each groom is to provide the optimum experience for your pets, while achieving the high-quality and professional results you expect.

We couldn't be more thrilled to have her on our team and offer her services to you! Please come by and meet Sherri or call us to schedule your pet's next grooming appointment.

Sherri looks forward to meeting you and your special friend for a "day at The SPAw!"


All pets to be groomed at TCVC must be at least 8 weeks old, have had a fecal check in the last 12 mos. and be current on vaccinations, according to TCVH protocol - which includes:

Professional Grooming ServicesDogs (12 weeks & older) - Professional Grooming ServicesCats (12 weeks & older) -

         * Rabies Distemper
         * Parvovirus
         * Parainfluenza
         * Leptospirosis
         * Hepititis
         * Coronavirus
         * Canine Influenza Virus
         * Upper Respiratory vaccines

         * Rabies
         * Feline Panleukopenia
         * Rhinotracheitis
         * Feline Pneumonitis
         * Calicivirus
         * Feline Leukemia vaccines

Professional Grooming ServicesPuppies and kittens less than 12 weeks of age must have their first round of boosters at least 2 weeks before grooming.  (If your pet has not been kept current on their vaccinations, we may require a 2 week waiting period after inoculation in order to allow for their antibodies to develop, to ensure their safety.)

Professional Grooming ServicesPets must also be free from parasite infestation and have an amiable disposition (non-aggressive and socialized).

We request vaccination information no later than 2 days prior to your pet's appointment, so that we may have an opportunity to review and discuss any complications we may observe. Records can be dropped off during our hospital's business hours, or faxed. If you have concerns about your pet's vaccination records, please call our Service Coordinators, and they can help to answer any questions you may have.

We reserve the right to stop services on any pet who exhibits signs of excessive stress or other health concerns, due to the grooming process.


Whether you want a shave-down, a styled-do, de-shedding, or just a bath, The SPAw at Town & Country can get your canine companion fresh and clean!

Canine grooming services are designed to address certain breed-specific coats and styles (e.g., some coats require hand scissoring, some take technique with a dryer). All of our "haircuts" include a bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning (and plucking, if appropriate). Our "bath" services also include a nail trim, and ear cleaning. Our groomer will be glad to discuss with you your pet's needs, what you would like out of your pet's groom, and provide recommendations. Unfortunately, we cannot accurately quote pricing for grooming services, without evaluating your pet's coat and condition.

For dogs that are more anxious/nervous, our doctors would be glad to discuss medication and/or sedation options with you.


Due to the delicate nature of the feline psyche and their fragile skin structure, our groomer will need to schedule a complementary consultation to assess your feline prior to scheduling the groom. Many felines enjoy the grooming process, but some may not have the temperament needed and will thus require sedation for grooming. Any feline to be groomed without sedation will be scheduled for first-thing in the morning, before the activity of the day can excite them.


Our doctors will perform a thorough evaluation on each pet needing sedation services for grooming, to determine what level and type of medication is appropriate for their temperament.  Because of the medication involved in sedation, we "hospitalize" our sedation grooming clients. Grooming Services will be performed in tandem with the medical staff, to ensure your pet's safety.  The doctors and technicians will perform pre-anesthetic testing, administer medications, and monitor your pet under sedation and throughout recovery. Working with them, the groomer will perform the requested services on your pet. Because of the necessary procedures involved, pets to be groomed with sedation should be left for the entirety of the day (dropped-off in the morning and picked up in the evening). As with surgical patients, pets to undergo full anesthesia should have food withheld the night before.


If you are a first-time client, please download the following forms and fill them out, prior to your pet's grooming appointment. You can either email, fax them to us or bring them with you, the day of. Doing this will save you time and help your pet's drop-off go smoothly.

New to Town & Country Package

If you are coming to Town & Country for the first time, these are all of the forms we request you fill out for Standard Grooming Services (non-sedation). Because your pet will be left with us, we do request some medical information about them, should they need any medical attention while in our custody.

Because Sedation Grooming is more medically involved than our Standard Grooming Services, you will complete most of the paperwork at our facility, with our assistance. But, you can go ahead and fill-out our New Client Registration Form ahead of time, to expedite your initial appointment.

Current TCVH Pet, New to Grooming Package

For those of our current patients who would like to take advantage of our Grooming Services, these are the forms we request you to complete for your first appointment.

Helpful Facts & FAQ's about Grooming

If your pet has never been groomed before or if you have any questions or concerns about the process, please read through this sheet of helpful info.

Professional Grooming Services